About the Review


The review aims to clarify the purpose of RICS, make proposals on its governing structure, and make proposals for the incoming leadership and governing body on the future culture and strategy of the Institution.


Mindful of RICS’ role as a professional body, governed by Royal Charter, and other regulatory obligations, the Review objectives will be to:

  • create clarity about RICS’ purpose given its current position and the context within which the profession and Institution operate
  • make proposals for the future which will put RICS in a position to stand as a beacon for best practice in governance, transparency, and accountability – strengthening the reputation and position of members and the Institution itself with the public, industry and governments;
  • make proposals for the new leadership and governance body on ensuring that RICS’ strategy, governance structures, culture and resources are appropriate to meet its purpose; contain mechanisms whereby they can be reviewed and refreshed so they remain relevant in the future; and support its obligations to act for the public advantage.

Full Terms of Reference for the Review are available here.