The Bichard RICS Review

An independent review into the Institution’s Purpose, Governance and Strategy

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Governing Council has appointed Lord Michael Bichard to lead an independent review into the Institution’s Purpose, Governance and Strategy.

The Bichard RICS Review will make firm recommendations on the purpose and governance structure of RICS, and provide advice on values, culture and strategy for an incoming leadership team and Governing Council to take forward.

Lord Michael Bichard
Lord Michael Bichard

Latest updates:

Final Report published

I am today publishing the final report of the Bichard RICS Review. My aim has been to help create a new sense of purpose and direction so that RICS can once more stand tall as an exemplar professional institution, capable of tackling the challenges which will shape the way we all live our lives in the years to come. Issues such as climate change and sustainability, improving the built environment and building safety all sit within the remit of RICS and will benefit from the contribution which a revitalised RICS could make. The report can be found on the RICS website here.

Call for Evidence Response Published

I am today publishing a summary of responses received as part of the Call for Evidence, which ran from the 7th of December to the 22nd January. I have also held consultation meetings with a wide range of members and stakeholders throughout the last three months and I am now moving into the next phase of work which focuses on crafting solutions and drafting the report. Any significant issues relating to the Terms of Reference can still be raised via email or the website contact form.

The Summary of Responses to the Call for Evidence can be viewed here.

Initial Call for Evidence Closed

The Bichard RICS Review’s initial Call for Evidence is now closed and I would like to express my thanks to all those who took the time to contribute or meet with me so far. The Review will now continue stakeholder consultation meetings and I will consider the evidence that has been submitted – an update will be provided in the next six weeks.

The Bichard RICS Review – January 2022 Update

Today marks the one month point since this Review opened. In the past month, I have held some twenty meetings and received more than 240 responses. It is clear that members feel passionately about the Institution and I hope I can do justice to their commitment and pride.

My initial call for evidence will remain open until the 21st of January. I would welcome all input – however brief or lengthy. You can respond via email or via the contact form on this website (including anonymously if you prefer). 

I had hoped to be able to travel to some regions and speak to members face to face but sadly it seems the continuing pandemic situation will prevent this. However, I will be continuing to meet with members and stakeholders virtually over the next few weeks.

Thank you to all those who have submitted responses so far, and I look forward to hearing from more of you in the weeks ahead.

Opening of the Bichard RICS Review – Lord Bichard’s letter to members

One of the key recommendations within the Levitt Review was that RICS Governing Council should appoint an independent external person to carry out a review into the Institution’s Purpose, Governance and Strategy.

I was recently appointed by Governing Council to carry out that Review. The formal Terms of Reference for this work are available online here.

I regard it as a privilege to work with one of the world’s great professional institutions at such a critical moment in its long history and I hope that I can use my experience in the public, private, academic and charitable sectors to deliver a Review that does justice to this Institution’s distinguished heritage.

My aim is to produce the report by June 2022, engaging with the widest possible range of Members, Candidates, Fellows and stakeholders to understand the challenges and opportunities facing the Institution and produce a Report that wins the support of a wide cross-section of RICS. With over 134,000 members, I recognise that a complete consensus is unlikely. However, I want to ensure that as many people as possible can feed into the final report so that RICS will be in a strong position to rise to the challenges, rebuild its reputation and re-establish trust with members, firms and stakeholders around the world.

I will be making firm recommendations on the purpose and governance structure of RICS, and providing advice on values, culture and strategy which can be taken forward by the incoming leadership team and Governing Council.

I will use this website to keep you updated on progress. I am today inviting you to contribute to this Review by sharing your thoughts on the Purpose, Governance, Strategy and Culture of RICS. The call for evidence will close at midnight on the 22nd January 2022.

Any submissions will only be available to me and my team – they will not be shared with others within RICS and I will not attribute any comments in the Report or any other materials I produce. All responses submitted to the Defining our Future Review, which took place between March and April 2021, have been made available to me. There is therefore no need to re-submit information that was sent in via Defining our Future.

I know that RICS has undertaken several reviews and consultations in the recent past and you may be suffering from a degree of consultation fatigue. Nonetheless, I want this Review to be a positive one and I hope you will want to be involved in shaping the future of the Institution and I look forward to hearing from you.